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If calling from a municipality other than Vancouver, we can bring you into our city or to the airport provided we receive adequate lead time to get a taxi to you when required.

If there are stopping restrictions where you are calling from, please be at the curbside. This will ensure you will not miss your taxi.

Our computerized dispatch system results in quick, efficient service. This system requires the exact house or building number, proper street name, and your buzzer number if living in a coded apartment building.

If your taxi does not arrive within 20 minutes, please give us another call and inform your call taker this is a callback. This allows us to track your taxi order and determine how soon your taxi will arrive.

When phoning for taxi service from 2 pm to 5 pm, we ask that you provide the call taker with your location and destination. This helps us serve you more effectively during this busy period.

If you have ordered a taxi and have changed your mind, please give us a call to cancel your arrangements. Also, please ensure that you only call one company at a time. This assists us by providing other customers with prompt service, as our cabs are not required to go to pick-up points where they will not be required.

If trying to catch a Yellow Cab taxi from the downtown core, be sure you look not only for the familiar, yellow-painted car but also ensure the name is Yellow Cab. There are times when other taxis of the same colour from surrounding communities, (offering a lower standard of service) attempt to pick up fares in Vancouver illegally.

Tourists visiting Vancouver by cruise ship or through the airport are advised to compare taxi rates with those of the Airporter or charter bus. If travelling with a companion, you may get a better rate than the regular fare for up to 4 passengers. The rate for the bus is charged on a per-person basis.

A new taxi zone is now installed on the west side of 1700 Blk of Commercial Dr across from Federico’s Supper Club.

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